Wednesday 8 April 2009

Call for papers - Argumentative processes and communication contexts

Call for Papers
Studies in Communication Sciences – An International Journal
Thematic Section on:
Argumentative processes and communication contexts

Guest Editors: Eddo Rigotti and Sara Greco Morasso, Università della Svizzera italiana, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Switzerland

The relevance of the role played by argumentation in shaping the communicative practices occurring in different contexts and activity types is increasingly acknowledged. Argumentation is rooted in the contexts in which it takes place and is significantly determined by them: from social and political institutions to media discourse and journalism, from social and ethical debate to the economic and financial sphere, from health communication to the various domains of interpersonal interactions.More specifically, argumentation, insofar as it fosters a reasonable management of disagreement and a critical attitude in the solution of conflicts of opinion and of interest, significantly conditions the quality of decision-making and of the building of consent in the communicative activities carried out in these contexts.A thorough study of argumentative processes in different communication contexts cannot originate but from an interdisciplinary effort connecting the awareness of the proper dynamics of specific communication contexts with theoretical knowledge of the argumentative processes. Consequently, the thematic section of this issue of Studies in Communication Sciences intends to bring together two categories of researchers. The first, dealing with the structure and dynamics of a specific communication context and perceiving the significance of argumentation within this context, aims at adequately defining the role of argumentative processes. The second category, mainly concerned with argumentative strategies, intends to verify how such strategies are molded on and influenced by the communication context to which they are applied.

Article Format and Topics:
Articles in the special issue can have a length of up to 10 pages (2300 characters, with spaces, per page), including abstract, footnotes and references. Contributions can be in English, Italian, French or German. Each author receives 25 free bound reprints of his or her article. The list of possible communication contexts in which argumentative processes can be analyzed includes (but is not limited to):
• Public communication and political discourse
• Communication practices in different mass-media and new-media platforms (newspapers, internet discussions tools, newsgroups, etc.)
• Controversies in scientific communication
• Social debate
• Economic and financial discourse
• Interpersonal communication in different institutional environments (family, school, and others)
• Other significant communication contexts

Key Dates:
• Submission of Articles: August 20th, 2009
• Feedback from Reviewers: October 10th, 2009
• Final Version due: October 31st, 2009
• Publication of the Journal: December 2009

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