Sunday 28 June 2009

Examining argumentation in context

The first volume of the series "Argumentation in context" published by John Benjamins has just appeared:

Examining Argumentation in Context: Fifteen studies on strategic maneuvering
By F. H. van Eemeren and B. Garssen (eds.).
contains a selection of papers on strategic maneuvering in argumentative discourse. Starting point of all of these contributions is that a satisfactory analysis and evaluation of strategic maneuvering is possible only if the argumentative discourse is first situated in the communicative and interactional context in which it occurs. While some of the contributions present general views with regard to strategic maneuvering, other contributions report on the results of empirical studies, examine strategic maneuvering in a particular legal or political context, or highlight the presentational design of strategic maneuvering. Examining Argumentation in Context therefore provides an insightful view of recent developments in the research on strategic maneuvering, which is currently prominent in the study of argumentation.

Friday 26 June 2009

Summer is approaching...

...Let me "abuse" a bit of my blog to announce a conference that will take place in Lugano, which might be of interest to all argumentation scholars wishing to deal with tourism not only as a good thing to do in summer but also as a study object: